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Citizen Hat


You, as a citizen of the U.S., can influence how this country is run, for better or worse.  Your “hat” is what you do – your purpose at work, at home, at school.  34 pages, paperback or free download. Word Corner Publishing.

Classic Fashions – 1960 to 1999


Fashion is art—but art does not stand alone.  Like everything in the universe, it depends on the relationship between its human and non-human parts—and the games that unfold among these elements.

Color and Garden: Flowers


Teacher Manual and unique coloring and activity book about the wonder of growing flowers.  Children learn how to plant seeds and gather tools to prepare the soil.  They learn how flowers make the environment more beautiful and that flowers can be used to send a message to others.

Communicating is Fun


This course helps children feel confident in life. The world is open to a child who knows how to communicate well. Applied Scholastics International, paperback