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Excellent preparation for Engineering and Science. Uses Saxon’s highly successful “incremental” approach to teaching math. Text and Solution Manual are used and in good condition.

Checkbook Math


After learning how to write a check, students are challenged with real-life finance word problems. First they must solve a math question. Next they are required to write a check for the correct amount, record the transactions, and keep track of the balances.


Chemistry Lectures

$254.95 $169.95

Many students struggle in high school chemistry. Even if they succeed in earning a good grade, they often still feel confused and unconfident. Why is this? And what can be done to help every student succeed in this vitally important course? Success in chemistry,

36 lectures on DVD from veteran science teacher Professor Frank Cardulla. complete with workbook.

Classic Fashions – 1960 to 1999


Fashion is art—but art does not stand alone.  Like everything in the universe, it depends on the relationship between its human and non-human parts—and the games that unfold among these elements.