“What is your dream for our planet? What are your plans for bringing betterment to Mother Earth? Share dreams, take action, a brighter world awaits!”

Proudly Announcing the Applied Scholastics Online

“Better World Donor” Achievement Levels!

Our campaign to help increase the reach of Applied Scholastics Online to many more students has begun!!!   There is so much going on in the world, much of it not positive and not in the best interest of individual students.  It is vital we help more students get personalized, academic programs that align to their interests, abilities, and future goals.

Your help, your care, yes, your contributions to our Annual Fund will be utilized to create a better future for individual students, and thereby, society.  Think of it as an investment in your own future as well as the future of our Planet!  After all, don’t we all benefit from an improved society?

These funds will be used wisely in various areas, such as full or partial scholarships, technology upgrades, staff enhancement, or other specific needs that benefit students.

What You Can Do

Your first step is to sign-up and make an initial donation as that puts you on the path to receiving a “Better World Donor” Certificate.  Initial donations will help us get our Annual Fund kicked off and boost our ability to grant scholarships as applicants come forth.  With many donors, we can help more students each year.

Please get started today toward earning your “Better World Donor” Certificate!    

Better World Certificate Awards

Friend of Students

$       20. +

Student Benefactor

$       50. +

Graduate in Kindness

$     100. +

Associate of Arts in Giving

$     500. +

Bachelor of Arts in Charity

$   1000. +

Bachelor of Science in Philanthropy

$   2500. +

Masters in Generosity

$   5000. +

PhD in Benevolence

$   7500. +

Diplomate in Endowment

$10,000. +

We are eager to award your certificate as you achieve each “Better World Donor” level.   Your certificate will acknowledge the degree of your contribution and dedication to the achievement of a strong 21st century, Study Technology based, education for our leaders of tomorrow and our creators of the future! 

Please donate toward our Annual Fund by using the donate button below or contact us at registrar@appliedscholasticsonline.com and receive your “New World Donor” Certificate!

Without a Dreamer, There is No Dream

by Carlynn McCormick

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.”
-Harriet Tubman

Imagine a city where common annoyances are nonexistent.

Instead of standing in long lines, you take a number and a comfortable chair waits, from which to make a phone call, write an overdue letter or enjoy some pleasure reading.

Traffic flows; gridlock is ancient history; parking spaces are plentiful; and when you go into government offices, city and county officials are polite, helpful and efficient.

Imagine a United States where politicians are accountable if they break their solemn vow to uphold the Constitution.  Imagine a nation where members of the CIA, IRS, FDA, FBI, police, etc. are accountable if they trample the freedoms of law-abiding citizens; and where executives of the food, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical and any other industry are held accountable if they lie, mislead or withhold information from the public about the harmful effects of their products.

Imagine a world where kindness, decency and human rights are valued; where our environment and planet are safeguarded for the benefit of all; where the inhumanity of war, murder, violence and bigotry are but shadowy dogmas of a distant past.

Envisioning a better world, simply envisioning it, must be a first step in making it happen.

Harriet Tubman (1820-1913), in her fight against slavery said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” She went on to make her dream of freedom a reality, not only for herself but for many others as well. In our country, such visions were paramount in dissolving the evils of slavery. As then, we the people have the means to improve our lot.

Individual-by-individual, each person in his or her uniqueness has the power to foresee a more benevolent world. When we think about an area of life, we want improved, when we visualize it as we wish it to be, we start the wheels turning.

First, it is a dream, a bright idea; next, it requires the application of some elbow grease; then it grows by tiny steps or giant steps, but always carefully tended; in due time it reaches full stature¹; finally, the dream, the bright idea, is a reality!

My dream is that all children have within their grasp a means to survive well in today’s world. I learned of a tool that can help make this happen when introduced to L. Ron Hubbard’s educational philosophy and Study² Technology³. I have seen it work no less than a thousand times. But a tool must be known about and understood before it can be used. So my dream includes finding more and more ways to make these educational advances better known. This in turn will give more and more children the opportunity to use them.

Thus, I align with like-minded educators so by number alone we can expand our reach. Progress presses forward. And our payment, surpassing a King’s ransom, is the happy face of the child who knows deep within his heart he is the master over anything he desires to learn!

What is your dream for our planet?

What are your plans for bringing betterment to Mother Earth?

Share dreams, take action, a brighter world awaits!

¹Stature: high level of respect gained by impressive development or achievement.
²Study: the route to grasping new ideas and mastering abilities.
³Technology: a scientifically based body of data that when applied precisely gets exact and predictable results.
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