Welcome to Applied Scholastics Online Academy

Applied Scholastics Online Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students acquire a lifelong love of learning. We are fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Our vision is to help create a world free from illiteracy by offering at home and online services where the uniqueness of the individual is embraced. We feel students should have the option of studying in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes or in safe-havens—free from unrest and distraction.

We provide effective educational materials and innovative study methods. We use tools developed by American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard. This includes Study Technology1 founded upon decades of personal experience and educational research. As Hubbard wrote to Applied Scholastics in its formative stages, “It is of vital importance, as you are aware, that the quality of education be revitalized and improved. As Man is as able as he can learn and knowit is urgent that a workable learning technology is available to him.”

We envision a world in which people—with learning by Study Technology and self-confidence in their own unique individuality—are able to achieve their goals and improve their lives, thereby creating a new civilization founded upon knowledge and understanding.

This far-reaching goal begins with the individual student and spreads from there.

Allow nothing to tarnish your child’s self-confidence, your child’s dreams and imagination.

If your child is excited about school, interested in the subjects being studied and bubbling with the joy of learning, nothing needs to be changed!

However, if your child is disinterested or unhappy about school, hates certain subjects and the bright-eyed-wonder of learning is no longer there, something must be done about it!

When regular schooling is not working for a child, we encourage parents to take their child’s education in their own hands. We offer home study help, affordable tuition, testing and placement, and customized programming for kindergarten through high school.

Middle school and high school students may work with parents on a home study basis or work directly with one of our online educators. Students graduate knowing how to learn, research and evaluate data so they can master anything they wish. Our Applied Scholastics Online diploma is recognized by universities around the world.

Your education belongs to you and you alone. You are the one who will benefit from it, or not. How much you create it, how much effort you put forth, how much you work at understanding what you need and want to know, how much you enjoy learning—these things are up to you. We feel you should be given the opportunity to fashion each subject you study along lines that are of interest to you personally.

Study Technology can easily be incorporated into any educational activity—from classroom instruction to home study curriculum. It provides a stable foundation enhancing all educational efforts. The broad use of Study Technology will help achieve a world free from illiteracy.

Mission Statement: It is our mission to deliver an effective education to our students using the educational philosophies of innovative educators. We recommend, for example, the learning methods and strategies, collectively known as Study Technology1, developed by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, they include the first comprehensive understanding of the actual barriers to effective learning and a precise technology to overcome them.

Central to Mr. Hubbard’s educational findings is a delineation of the primary barriers to learning, never before recognized and yet constituting the underlying reasons for academic failure. It is our mission to help students overcome these barriers on an individual basis, to motivate students and give them the means to grasp, understand and be able to apply the data of any subject they study. Learning is a lifelong pursuit. We want our students prepared to learn anything that they personally desire to learn throughout their lives. Thus, our foremost goal is to instill in our students a love of learning.

Study Technology teaches individuals how to learn and master any subject with full comprehension. This enables them to achieve their full potential, prepares them for a successful future and sets the stage for fulfilling dreams.

To accomplish our mission, we offer online assistance and home study guidance to parents and students who want to revitalize education—literacy and understanding makes for a better world.

The goal of Applied Scholastics Online is to do our part in creating a world free from illiteracy, confusion and chaos. Our vision is to forward an educational standard in which the uniqueness and outstanding qualities of the individual are embraced. We envision mediocre standards falling by the wayside.

Our vision can be accomplished by empowering students with tools such as Study Technology—when students know how to study, when they have a purpose for study and an interest in what they are studying, they can achieve their goals and improve their lives. The legacy of such an education is a new civilization founded upon knowledge and understanding.

Carlynn McCormick is an educational consultant for Applied Scholastics International and the co-founder of Applied Scholastics Online Academy.

These organizations have the vision of a world free from illiteracy, in which educational standards are raised and effective teaching is the norm.

McCormick’s colleagues know her as an altruistic, dedicated and passionate educator. She is a resourceful, imaginative educator and is highly trained in the breakthrough teaching methods of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard’s educational philosophy and Study Technology. She applies these methodologies to enhance or restore a love of learning in students and to enlighten parents and teachers on the value of an education that produces original thinkers.

McCormick is an award winning author, having written numerous profiles, exposés, educational articles, customized student programs, study guides and textbooks. She oversees tutors who help children reach their educational dreams; she helps teachers move “underachievers” into the realm of confidence and literacy; and above all, she grants children the respect and admiration every individual deserves.

1 Study Technology: The word study means the route to grasping new ideas and mastering abilities. The word technology means a scientifically based body of data that when applied precisely gets exact and predictable results. Study Technology was developed by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and his breakthrough discoveries show students how to learn.