Perfect Educational Program

I Love that my child’s program is completely tailor made; you always find such great pictures that go along with her interests! I love that you really acknowledge my child for her answers and results from your assessments and questionnaires.  I love that you really listen to everything the parent mentions and acknowledge or give great advice on how to handle any situation, etc. Just love it all!” – MH

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Adventures in Learning

“…education is effective as it is pleasant, unhurried, casual, and is as ineffective as it is stressed to be important.” – L. Ron Hubbard

Did you notice how excited first graders are to attend school? How they take great pride in their new notebooks? How they make certain that their pencils are sharpened to perfection? How particular they are about their back-packs, their clothes, and how anxious they are to arrive at school on time?

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Applied Scholastics Online Academy Helping parents and tutors to engage students

Registration and Start-Up

Applied Scholastics Online Academy is a non-profit, fully accredited home study program. We help parents work with their children. Registration includes: researching the legal homeschool requirements of the state or country, collecting records, issuing identification cards, assigning assessments and questionnaires and providing teacher training materials.

Option 1 – Monthly Oversight Service

On the monthly service the parent delivers daily lessons, records attendance, records progress, and corrects student work. A monthly report is submitted by the parent to the online-educator who in turn files attendance and program progress for legal requirements; if the parent has questions or needs guidance or recommendations it is noted on the monthly report and the online educator then assists with remedies.

Option 2 – Weekly Targeting Service

Our weekly targeting service is for parents who would like more help than the monthly service provides. At the beginning of each week, our online-educator targets students and gives parents guidance as needed. This service is perfect for parents who want the advantages of a home study environment but want the additional assistance and organization of an experienced educator.

Registration and Tuition Fee Options

Study Technology: The word study means the route to grasping new ideas and mastering abilities. The word technology means a scientifically based body of data that when applied precisely gets exact and predictable results. Study Technology was developed by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and his breakthrough discoveries show students how to learn. Click here for full description