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What is Math? Math is a Game – 12 book set


“Math is a Game” presents activities and games to play with your child that build math awareness. It was written for parents or anyone who wants to help children love math. Math can be a fun game to play. Introduction to: counting, measurement, distance, patterns, etc… Word Corner Publishing, paperback or download.

Winning With Writing


Winning with Writing takes a slightly different approach—it asks you first to read aloud, then to copy by hand, word for word, the writing of a professional writer and then, finally to use the writing as a model for your own.

World Geography


Students of all ages to become more familiar with geography and attain a greater understanding of the world.

Writing Game – Study Guide


The purpose of this guide is to introduce them to (or re-familiarize them with) well-known stories, sayings, fables and poems. These writings have stood the test of time and are often referred to in conversation and in the media. 

71 pages, soft cover and download, Word Corner Publishing

Writing is Fun – Creative Writing for Children


As soon as a child is ready to put words down on paper the “game of writing” should become part of that child’s daily routine. You can use the assignments, story starters, activity pages or other ideas in this book to get your child started.

Science Basics Checklist – Level 4


We recommend that science and research are a daily adventure. Children should be encouraged to observe their environment, pay attention to their surroundings, and notice the weather—this will result in a better understanding of the world around them.