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Animal Kingdom


Learn that animals can be warm or cold-blooded and vertebrate or invertebrate and more. 93 playing cards are included.



Fun hands on course. Learn to follow a simple recipe, set the oven, how to measure, mix and bake.


Boiling Foods


Gives directions for safely using a stove burner, boiling water in a pan, and how to use a food grater and colander.


Chemistry Lectures

$254.95 $169.95

Many students struggle in high school chemistry. Even if they succeed in earning a good grade, they often still feel confused and unconfident. Why is this? And what can be done to help every student succeed in this vitally important course? Success in chemistry, 36 lectures on DVD from veteran science teacher Professor Frank Cardulla. complete with workbook.

Circulation of the Blood


What actually happens when your heart goes lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub? Where does blood enter your heart? How exactly does it move through the heart and get to the different parts of your body? What are veins and arteries? And how does all this work with your lungs and digestive system?

Color and Garden: Flowers


Teacher Manual and unique coloring and activity book about the wonder of growing flowers.  Children learn how to plant seeds and gather tools to prepare the soil.  They learn how flowers make the environment more beautiful and that flowers can be used to send a message to others.