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Biology Study Guide


The reason for doing the course is to become competent in the basics of biology by studying the material in a way that is easy, quick and fun.

61-page Study Guide by Carlynn McCormick and used copy of Fearon Biology text book.


Chemistry Lectures

$254.95 $169.95

Many students struggle in high school chemistry. Even if they succeed in earning a good grade, they often still feel confused and unconfident. Why is this? And what can be done to help every student succeed in this vitally important course? Success in chemistry,

36 lectures on DVD from veteran science teacher Professor Frank Cardulla. complete with workbook.

Color and Garden: Flowers


Children learn how to plant seeds and gather tools to prepare the soil. They learn how flowers make the environment more beautiful and that flowers can be used to send a message to others.

Get a Grip on Physics


What do Newton's falling apple and the moon's orbit have in common? How does relativity theory apply to everyday life, what's a quantum leap . . .