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Classic Fashions – 1960 to 1999


Fashion is art—but art does not stand alone.  Like everything in the universe, it depends on the relationship between its human and non-human parts—and the games that unfold among these elements.

Heart and Soul Photography


Indeed, this course is meant to embrace the uniqueness of you. It strives to help you tap into that side of you that is original, imaginative, creative, daring, playful, different, and ingenious, and move away from the common and ordinary.

Let’s Macrame


Learn basic macramé skills such as using knots to make pleasing designs, and items such as beads, buttons, pine cones and feathers.

Musical Instrument Study Guide


This study guide was prepared for students who are interested in knowing the names of various instruments of orchestras and bands and what each instrument looks like. Study guide with two workbooks.