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Thinking Book, The


This well-illustrated book opens the door to a new way to see things clearly and logically. The book teaches the elements of logic and illogic as applied to thinking and acting.

Two Ways to Read Time


The purpose of this book is to educate students in the two methods of telling time: the AM-PM method and the 24 hour method. 45 pages, paerback or download, Word Corner Publishing

Underground Railroad


Informative, fact-filled captions complete a book that will not only thrill coloring book enthusiasts but will also fascinate students of American history and anyone interested in the African-American struggle for freedom.  Learn the story of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War

US History and Geography


Why do we need to know the events that shaped America culture and made it what it is today? Without knowing these basics we will be left in the dark when they are referred to in the media, film, written materials and general conversation. Dictionary of Cultural Literacy and study guide

US Presidents


The purpose of this study guide is for students of all ages to have fun becoming more familiar with United States presidents. U.S. Presidents Study Guide (download), American President’s Sticker Book, by Tim Foley, Presidential Pets Coloring Book, by Diana Zourelias.

US State by State Set


US state by state coloring and activity book.  Entertaining book brims with information about each of the 50 states. Book and Study Guide

Vocabulary Building, The Art of


This book was written to give the reader the key to improving his or her own reading, pronunciation and spelling. It is especially geared for older children and adults that did not learn to read using the phonics method or who wish to bone-up on phonics. It also provides the necessary tools for parents to teach their children to read. It has been said that the one thing the most successful people in the world have in common is a large vocabulary. This makes sense when you realize that the more words you know, the easier it is to duplicate and understand what you read, what others say to you, and what you hear in the media.