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Advanced Parts of Speech


To give you a greater understanding of the parts of speech and their use in speaking and writing. 24 pages, paperback or download, Applied Scholastics International.

Algebra 1/2 Set


This text uses Saxon’s highly successful “incremental” approach to teaching math. Each new word or concept is fully defined when introduced.  Skill level is gradually raised by practice until the full subject is mastered. Text and Solution Manual are used and in good condition. Also includes a separate Algebra 1/2 Glossary.



Fun hands on course. Learn to follow a simple recipe, set the oven, how to measure, mix and bake.


Basic Study Manual Drill Cards


Drilling these study skills puts them instantly at the student’s finger tips so he is ready to handle any study barrier that may come up. Applied Scholastics International.

Basics of Sewing


Learn the parts of a sewing machine, how to operate and thread the machine, putting in a seam, and machine and pin basting.

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Beginning Geometry

The ASEP Math Beginning Geometry Study Guide helps improve your understanding of math by making sure you understand the basic words or key terms so you can more easily learn and use math. 48 pages, paperback or download, Applied Scholastics International .