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Citizen Hat


You, as a citizen of the U.S., can influence how this country is run, for better or worse.  Your “hat” is what you do – your purpose at work, at home, at school.  34 pages, paperback or free download. Word Corner Publishing.

People’s Guide to the US Constitution – Self Study course


This book is an easy-to-read, spin-free guide to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, additional amendments, and the Declaration of Independence. It provides both the essential historical context and important definitions of the language used at the time. Includes downloadable study guide. American Handbook Publishing, 218 pgs, paperback.

Pledge of Allegiance workbook


Children need to know what they are promising when they recite the pledge of allegiance each day.
This workbook explains words with lively age-appropriate stories.
Generous use of examples, drawings and hands-on exercises enable students to fully understand the pledge they are making.

Story of the American Revolution


Learn something of the story of the American Revolution War—how it brought independence from the Crown of England and has tremendous relevance to living in America today. textbook price without study guide 55-page Study Guide by Carlynn McCormick and 48-page activity book

Story of the Civil War


This study guide and book set teach students the story of the Civil War—how it ended slavery and has tremendous relevance to living in America today.  29-page Study Guide by Carlynn McCormick and 48-page activity book by Peter F. Copeland

Underground Railroad


Informative, fact-filled captions complete a book that will not only thrill coloring book enthusiasts but will also fascinate students of American history and anyone interested in the African-American struggle for freedom.  Learn the story of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War