Classic Fashions for Women – Victorian to 1919


Fashion often incorporated designs from previous eras. This classic era is of interest to all artists and designers. Word Corner Publishing, 57 pgs, paperback or download.



By Carlynn McCormick

Fashion is art—but art does not stand alone.  Like everything in the universe, it depends on the relationship between its human and non-human parts—and the games that unfold among these elements.

Inventions, politics, media, economic travail, and entertainment, cannot help but influence art and fashion to some degree, be it large or small

Technical advances such as the sewing machine, cotton gin, and power loom, opened the door to mass production and ready-to-wear garments.  These advancements greatly changed and expanded the world of fashion which went from hand-sewn clothes to ones made mostly by machine.

Current attitudes as to what is proper and what is not, are also represented in fashion.  As attitudes change, so does fashion.

Word Corner Publishing, 57 pgs, paperback or download

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