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Language Arts Glossary


A student will do better in Language Arts if he/she understands the vocabulary of Language Arts. 44 pages, soft cover or download, Applied Scholastics International.

MacMillan Dictionary for Children


Authoritative, accurate, and current, the Macmillan Dictionary for Children is the ideal resource for beginning readers and spellers. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers; Revised ed. edition  848 pgs.

MacMillan First Dictionary


Definitions are phrased clearly and simply — and are given in complete sentences. Colorful photographs and illustrations make even difficult words easy to grasp. Getting a child to look into the look-it-up habit will be easy with this exceptional book. Complete revised and expanded, this successor to the popular Macmillan Very First Dictionary features 2,100 entries and over 550 full-color photos, illustrations.

Practical Math Dictionary


A student who graduates with excellent research skills is much better prepared for life than one who has memorized a lot of facts. Clear definitions, charts and tables to make practical math fully understandable. Word Corner Publishing, 124 pages, paperback or download.

Science Basic Vocabulary List Pictures and Definitions


The Science Basic Vocabulary List is a list of basic science words. These are the most basic words that anyone of any grade would need to know about science. Fully understanding the meanings of these words will greatly improve one’s ability in science.  Beginning Science definitions and pictures by Carlynn McCormick

Science Dictionary


Revitalized with more than 175 new and revised entries plus 260 freshly colorized illustrations, the book now features more than 2,100 entries that cover all branches of science from astronomy to zoology. Fascinating features include the origins of hundreds of terms and biographies of prominent scientists. Informative tables cover units of measurement, the periodic table, basic equations, symbols, and scientific suffixes and prefixes.

Science Glossary


These lists are to provide you with the basic vocabulary and definitions in the subject of science. Applied Scholastics International, printed or download.

Spanish and English Picture Word Book


For all ages. Spanish-speaking students learn to read, write, and say English words and English-speaking students learn to read, write, and say Spanish words. Universal Publishing, 96 pgs, paperback.