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Education – Fostering Reason & Self-determinism


Interest Level: Educators, Teachers, Homeschoolers

A complete text on Hubbard’s breakthrough insights into learning, education and children, including material from lectures and essays of the early 1950s, as powerful today as they were then—an absolute must for every educator.

Elements of Story Telling


Writing well can also provide immense satisfaction but more than that, it can be an adventure simply discovering the next words that flow from your pen. This course aims for the adventure. Word Corner Publishing, 97 pgs, paperback or download.

Essay Writing


To improve the student’s understanding of how essays are written for easier essay writing. 50 pages, paperback or download, Applied Scholastics International

Fearon Biology Set


The reason for doing the course is to become competent in the basics of biology by studying the material in a way that is easy, quick and fun. 61-page Study Guide by Carlynn McCormick and used copy of Fearon Biology text book.