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Parts of Speech


To improve your understanding of basic parts of speech so you can improve your speaking and writing ability. 37 pages, soft cover or download, Applied Scholastics International.

People’s Guide to the US Constitution – Self Study course


This book is an easy-to-read, spin-free guide to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, additional amendments, and the Declaration of Independence. It provides both the essential historical context and important definitions of the language used at the time. Includes downloadable study guide. American Handbook Publishing, 218 pgs, paperback.

Phonics Drill Cards


69-card set to help students instantly spot the phonetic sounds that make up our language.  A proven way to increase reading skills dramatically.  May be used at any age to learn reading or to improve reading skills. Applied Scholastics International.

Physics Set


A complete high school Physics course. Uses Saxon’s highly successful “incremental” approach to teaching math.



The purpose of this study guide is to help the student understand plays and how to write them. Applied Scholastics Entry program, 38 pgs, paperback or download



The purpose of this study guide is to help the student understand the different types of poetry and how to write poetry. Applied Scholastics Entry program, 37 pgs, paperback or download.

Practical Math Dictionary


A student who graduates with excellent research skills is much better prepared for life than one who has memorized a lot of facts. Clear definitions, charts and tables to make practical math fully understandable. Word Corner Publishing, 124 pages, paperback or download.