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Math Drill Booklet


A booklet with several Drill sheets for Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing.  Useful for timed drills for both assessments practice. Word Corner Publishing, 32-pgs, download

Math Glossary


Definitions for both general math terms as well as algebra and geometry terms. Applied Scholastics International, 44 pgs, paperback or download

Math Grade 1


This Grade 1 book covers fact families, adding/subtracting through 18, estimating, weight/volume, time/money and identifying shapes.

Math Grade 2


This Grade 2 book covers adding/subtracting 2 digit numbers, counting/writing 3 digit numbers, rounding, fractions, metric and customary measurement, preparing for algebra.  Spectrum Publishing, 156 perforated pages, softcover. 2014 Edition.

Math Grade 3


This Grade 3 book covers multiplication & division, solving problems, fractions, decimals, percents, graphs, probability, adding/subtracting 4-digit numbers & more. Spectrum Publishing, 184 perforated pages, softcover. 2007 Edition.

Math Kindergarten


An essential tool for standardized tests, the Spectrum Math series offers grade-appropriate coverage of basic arithmetic and math skills.  This Grade K book covers comparing sets, counting and writing 5-30, addition/subtraction through 10, measurement and geometry. 73 perforated pages, softcover. 2007 Edition.

Math Skills and Activities Level 2


The book includes activities you can use to see if a student has attained a particular skill.  Activities can also be used to help children fill-in any missing skills. Word Corner Publishing, 64 pgs, paperback or download



All about measuring. The purpose of this course is for the student to understand math words to more easily learn and use math.  Applied Scholastics International, 37 pgs, paperback or download.