Let the Reading Game Begin


Word Corner Publishing
Teacher Manual 130 pages
Student workbook 96 pages
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There are games where every player is a winner—and learning to read is one such game.  Many young children, however, do not have the attention span required for most reading programs.  Would your child rather play games than learn to read?

If so, Let the Reading Game Begin was written for you and your child.

It is a fun way for active preschoolers to get a head-start.  Parents incorporate beginning sounds into lively games that they then play with their children.  By learning a 12 letter sounds one-by-one, children are soon putting the sounds together to make words.  With enough game playing children will be able to easily read the story in the companion workbook—such an accomplishment should make any child happy!


A perfect childhood includes those elements that come closest to guaranteeing the ability to read and write. Without the ability to read and understand, to evaluate and form conclusions, there is no guarantee of a beautiful life. Let the Reading Game Begin was written to help parents give their children a head start learning to read.

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