World History lectures



High School Level—World History: The Fertile Crescent to The American Revolution


Includes 73 page Study guide

30 lectures on DVD by Professor Linwood Thompson

  1. Civilizations of the Fertile Crescent
  2. Egypt—The Gift of the Nile
  3. Early India and China
  4. The Ancient Greeks
  5. Ancient Rome
  6. The Growth of Christianity
  7. The Fall of Rome
  8. The Byzantine Empire
  9. The Rise of Islam
  10. Early Russia and the Fall of Constantinople
  11. The Early Christian Church
  12. The Vikings
  13. Medieval Life
  14. The Crusades
  15. The 1300’s, The Age of Despair
  16. The Renaissance
  17. Africa—The Civilizations of the Sub-Sahara
  18. China
  19. The Mongols and Marco Polo
  20. Early Japan through the Tokugawa Period
  21. Discoverers and Conquistadors
  22. North American Explorers
  23. The Old World vs. The New World—Hazards and Benefits
  24. Civilizations of The Americas
  25. The Protestant Reformation
  26. Tudor England
  27. The English Civil War and Parliament
  28. The Monarchs of Europe
  29. The Growth of Democracy
  30. The American Revolution

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