Winning With Writing


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by Bonnie Paull and Carlynn McCormick

Winning with Writing includes a minimum of rules and a maximum of reading and writing.  Many introductory composition texts give you models of good writing and ask you to read them and then use these as an inspiration for your own writing.  Using both fiction and non-fiction, Winning with Writing takes a slightly different approach—it asks you first to read aloud, then to copy by hand, word for word, the writing of a professional writer and then, finally to use the writing as a model for your own. So, you see the words, say the words, hear the words and, by copying, “feel” the words. Finally, you create something original with your own words.


Students Share Their Success

with Winning with Writing



I learned how much emotion could be conveyed by the choice of words and I learned how to write a fable, which had been a barrier for me.


At first I didn’t like copying but then after doing it for a while, I started to get a different take on the writings. I saw more details and thought it worthwhile.  I didn’t know how many different styles and ways there were to write.  By not having a word limit on my own writings, I wanted to write more.  I now feel I won’t have backoff on writing in the future.


I am a photographer and an artist and know the value of copying the experts for technique and inspiration. Copying great writers and being able to write my own compositions without word limitations were the most valuable experiences for me.


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