Wise Ways to handle Money




by Carlynn McCormick

This is simply a letter to tell you something about how to use this book.  As you know from the title, it includes ways to handle money wisely.  And since money often makes life more fun, it is probably something you are personally interested in knowing more about. 

It is also called a “read and do” book.  This means you read a section and then you do a drill or series of drills.  It has long been known that when students drill information, that information is easier to retain and easier to apply in life.

Be sure to drill enough so you will be able to retain or use the information when you need it.  If there is information you want to drill more, go ahead and make up additional drills and do those drills too.  Most teachers will give extra credit to students who do additional drilling in order to be fully competent.

78 pages soft cover or download

published by Word Corner Publishing

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