This is an effective little course about the heart and soul of photography.

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This is an effective little course about the heart and soul of photography.  It begins with the definition of photography—the process or art of producing images with a camera by exposing film or other special surfaces to light.  The word is a combination of Greek words for light (photo) and writing (graph).  While the definition may sound dry, it is an art form that is hard to surpass.

The purpose of the course is to help you make your photographs more interesting and give you the confidence to say, “I am an artist—I capture the world around me and preserve memories.”  It is to encourage you to mirror the words of Aaron Siskind: “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.  What you have caught on film is captured forever. . . . It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Indeed, this course is meant to embrace the uniqueness of you. It strives to help you tap into that side of you that is original, imaginative, creative, daring, playful, different, and ingenious, and move away from the common and ordinary.

It is not a course on how to use a camera.  All the photos in this book were taken with an iPhone (except for the few noted that were taken with a Nikon).  If you are looking for a course to study the history of cameras, starting with the amazing daguerreotype photographs and ending with instructions on using today’s digital cameras, I offer the following recommendations: study the manual that came with your camera, be it a Cell phone or Smart phone camera,  point and shoot camera, DSLR camera, or EVIL camera (footnotes give a brief definition).  If photography is to be your livelihood, I recommend one of the enlightening New York Institute of Photography courses.

If you already know how to use your camera, it is time to work at having the pictures you take, fully match your own uniqueness as an artist.

Success:  The Heart and Soul Photography course was so fun! It’s definitely one of my favorite courses, and I loved learning about the best angles, lighting and places to focus on to get excellent pictures. And I enjoyed so much taking pictures as an assignment and applying the things I was learning after finishing a chapter. The book is written very well and I love all of the fun, inspiring photos that are in it. Now I can apply this and take the high-quality photos I love!


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