Make Your Dreams Come True With Word Study


127 pages, soft cover or download, Word Corner Publishing
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When it comes to studying it is far more fun and meaningful if you have a good reason, a purpose, for doing it. Your reason should belong to you. It should not be, “I’m studying it because the teacher told me I have to.” It must go beyond that; it should be something we do for ourselves. For example, what was my purpose for writing this book? It was not for money and fame (although I’m not opposed to either). It was rather to share my love of words with you.

STUDENT SUCCESS: While studying the Make Your Dreams Come True with Word Study course, I found so many useful tricks to make the spelling and understanding of unfamiliar words so much easier! I can now break words down into prefixes, suffixes and root words and understand each part.

My vocabulary also improved considerably from doing the course! Because of this I can express myself more clearly and accurately.

This course was so fun and simple! I always love how the study guides that APS Online provides are easy to follow and are not unnecessarily complicated.

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