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30 lectures on DVD with workbook

For more than 30 years, Professor James Noggle has been letting his students in on the secret to making the mysteries of lines, planes, angles, inductive and deductive reasoning, parallel lines and planes, triangles, polygons, and other geometric concepts easy to grasp. And in his course, Geometry, you’ll develop the ability to read, write, think, and communicate about the concepts of geometry. As your comprehension and understanding of the geometrical vocabulary increase, you will have the ability to explain answers, justify mathematical reasoning, and describe problem-solving strategies.

Professor Noggle relies heavily on the blackboard and a flipchart on an easel in his 30 lectures. Very little use is made of computer-generated graphics, though several physical models of geometric objects are used throughout the lectures.

A New Way to Look at the World around You

The language of geometry is beautifully expressed in words, symbols, formulas, postulates, and theorems. These are the dynamic tools by which you can solve problems, communicate, and express geometrical ideas and concepts.

Connecting the geometrical concepts includes linking new theorems and ideas to previous ones. This helps you to see geometry as a unified body of knowledge whose concepts build upon one another. And you should be able to connect these concepts to appropriate real-world applications.

Professor Noggle’s Geometry course will begin with basic fundamental concepts used throughout the course. Students will be able to recognize and define such terms as points, planes, and angles; parallel lines, skew lines, parallel planes, and transversals; as well as the terms space, collinear, intersection, segment, and ray.

Students will discover the world of angles—symbols used for them, establishing a system of angle measurement, classifying the different types, and showing angle relationships.

The course then continues with the use of inductive reasoning to discover mathematical relationships and recognize real-world applications of inductive reasoning, conditional statements, and deductive reasoning.

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