Practical Math Dictionary


Clear definitions, charts and tables to make practical math fully understandable.

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Practical Math Dictionary, 124 pages

This dictionary has two parts.  The first part is like most math dictionaries, words are listed in alphabetical order.  The second part is composed of charts.  The charts show you the steps to take to solve problems dealing with the various parts of math or they have pictures to remind you of what various shapes look like.  Similar charts were often called “cheat sheets” in times past; because students were expected to memorize the information on the charts in order to do the math problems on a test.  If they peeked at the chart, instead of memorizing the data, it was consider cheating. We feel this method is outdated in today’s information age.

The most valuable part of an educational lesson, be it history, science, math or other subject, is the opportunity the lesson gives students to develop their research skills.  Students need to be comfortable with research and confident that they can find answers.  A student who graduates with excellent research skills is much better prepared for life than one who has memorized a lot of facts.

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