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Dear Friends,

I want to commend Applied Scholastics Online Academy.

My daughter, who is an exceptionally gifted ballet dancer and fashion designer, after an entire year at a private school, had not even fully gotten through her qualifications program for ninth grade despite the fact she had already graduated ninth grade at another top private school. This caused dismay for us as parents as we know our daughter's potential.

We never expected we could get academic excellence out of a home study program. We were so wrong! Applied Scholastics Online Academy provided an exceptional academic program!

They fully re-tested our daughter in a matter of a few days and then created her entire program necessary to not only meet her full high school requirement for graduation but also the honor program necessary for her to obtain scholarships in college.

Our daughter completed her entire high school educational program in one year. That's right a four-year program in one year. She really applied and did it herself for the most part, with simple routine monitoring from her father and me; but all in all she did it all herself with straight A's!!!!

Our daughter is currently 17. She is starting her sophomore year of college next week with full scholarship. She will have her AA degree in fashion and marketing at the age of 18. She has been accepted at Woodbury University with scholarship (due to her high college grade point average) for her junior and senior year for her bachelor's degree. She will graduate with a full masters MBA at 21 years of age!

Talk about getting ahead! Had we not found Applied Scholastics Online Academy, she would be in 10th grade instead of her sophomore year in college right now! The benefits of this level of saving academic time is immeasurable for our daughter's career and our peace of mind in helping her pursue her life goals.

Applied Scholastics Online Academy has done an incredible job with our incredible daughter in a fraction of the time and cost of other schools.

Superb job one and all at Applied Scholastics Online Academy. I can't recommend the program enough for any concerned parent or child.

Sincere Regards
& Unending Thanks,

C.A. & M.A — Parents of Home Study Student

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Perfect Educational Program

What did you like most about your child's new school year program?


I Love that my child's program is completely tailor made; you always find such great pictures that go along with her interests! I love that you really acknowledge my child for her answers and results from your assessments and questionnaires.  I love that you really listen to everything the parent mentions and acknowledge or give great advice on how to handle any situation, etc. Just love it all!                                MH

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This year I decided to make a change for my daughter, transferring her from the public school that she had been attending and starting her with the Applied Scholastics Online Academy, an accredited online private school program.  I was sold on it because of the customized programming as well as the study guide for each course.  This is the best decision that I could have made!  Taking full responsibility for my daughter’s education, actually requires less effort than trying to handle the public education that she was getting.  She has already completed a number of courses and has had more wins in the last month than all of the wins combined up to that point!  She is voluntarily staying on task with no handling.  She is working late and finding ways to incorporate her education into her everyday life, on her own.  She feels like she is in control and more at cause.  Thanks so much to the academy staff for providing this service.  We look forward to the future and have plans to help others in our area as well.

 JR – Home School Parent - Michigan

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Working with Applied Scholastics Online Academy was the best school experience I have had.  It was very nice to be able to go at my own pace, and work at the same time.

The curriculum was unbelievable.  I really understand what I studied, and found enjoyment in the subjects that I might have found drab before.  I have had a hard time in school environments, but outside of them, I excelled in my studies, and got through them quickly!  I am very fortunate to have already learned the Study Technology1, so I could apply it throughout my home study.

I loved working with my dad and the APS Online staff.  I am so happy that I could complete this milestone.  I never thought that I would finish high school and now that I have, I feel like I am flying!  I am succeeding in all things I do, and am happy I could have this experience.

I want to thank my dad for helping me achieve my dream and Applied Scholastic Online for creating this opportunity for others and for me.

     Rain Mooney




 The word study means the route to grasping new ideas and mastering abilities; technology means a scientifically based body of data that when applied precisely gets exact and predictable results.  The breakthrough discoveries of Study Technology, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, show students how to learn.   


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Labeling Children



It is appalling how education tries to reduce all children to the same level mentally. There are just as many degrees and kinds of intelligence as there are children.

- L. Ron Hubbard, Educator and Humanitarian




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Education and Purpose



 “Now, all subjects educational-wise should start out then with purpose.  And this purpose should be very carefully delineated against the real world of the person who is doing the studying.”  

L. Ron Hubbard, APS Educator’s Course, page 89

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Stress the right of the individual to select only what he desires to know, to use any knowledge as he wishes, that he himself owns what he has learned.

- L. Ron Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard Series Humanitarian
Education, Literacy & Civilization

If a child says he doesn't want to study a subject that he truly needs to survive, there is something wrong with the way the subject is being presented, not something wrong with the child.

“Thank you APS Online Academy for designing a program that centers on my child's interests and what she wants to know. It is amazing how you tweaked every required subject to fit her perfectly. She loves school and loves applying what she learns. This is exactly the way education should be!”  TW





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Applied Scholastics Online Academy

Executive Director and Director of Admissions Inducted into International Educator's Hall of Fame