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Working with Applied Scholastics Online Academy was the best school experience I have had.  It was very nice to be able to go at my own pace, and work at the same time.

The curriculum was unbelievable.  I really understand what I studied, and found enjoyment in the subjects that I might have found drab before.  I have had a hard time in school environments, but outside of them, I excelled in my studies, and got through them quickly!  I am very fortunate to have already learned the Study Technology1, so I could apply it throughout my home study.

I loved working with my dad and the APS Online staff.  I am so happy that I could complete this milestone.  I never thought that I would finish high school and now that I have, I feel like I am flying!  I am succeeding in all things I do, and am happy I could have this experience.

I want to thank my dad for helping me achieve my dream and Applied Scholastic Online for creating this opportunity for others and for me.

     Rain Mooney




 The word study means the route to grasping new ideas and mastering abilities; technology means a scientifically based body of data that when applied precisely gets exact and predictable results.  The breakthrough discoveries of Study Technology, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, show students how to learn.   


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Labeling Children



It is appalling how education tries to reduce all children to the same level mentally. There are just as many degrees and kinds of intelligence as there are children.

- L. Ron Hubbard, Educator and Humanitarian




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Education and Purpose



 “Now, all subjects educational-wise should start out then with purpose.  And this purpose should be very carefully delineated against the real world of the person who is doing the studying.”  

L. Ron Hubbard, APS Educator’s Course, page 89

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Stress the right of the individual to select only what he desires to know, to use any knowledge as he wishes, that he himself owns what he has learned.

- L. Ron Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard Series Humanitarian
Education, Literacy & Civilization

If a child says he doesn't want to study a subject that he truly needs to survive, there is something wrong with the way the subject is being presented, not something wrong with the child.

“Thank you APS Online Academy for designing a program that centers on my child's interests and what she wants to know. It is amazing how you tweaked every required subject to fit her perfectly. She loves school and loves applying what she learns. This is exactly the way education should be!”  TW





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Applied Scholastics Online Academy

Executive Director and Director of Admissions Inducted into International Educator's Hall of Fame


   In a lovely ceremony attended by over 300 educators, family and friends, Carlynn McCormick, Executive Director and Mary Adams, Director of Admissions, Applied Scholastics Online Academy, (photo: center front) were inducted into the International Educator's Hall of Fame.
   The ceremony, bespeckled with talented musicians and vocalists from the ranks of the inductees themselves, to amazing dancers from Anaheim High School; took place in the City of Anaheim, known as the City of Kindness. It's Mayor, Tom Tait (photo: back right) was on hand to congratulate and have photos taken with the awardees as well as to give them The City of Anaheim “Coin of Kindness.”

   Dr. Pat Adelekan, Founder of the Educator's Hall of Fame (photo: back center) not only founded this organization, which has been in existence for 23 years and inducted over 600 educators internationally, but also Youth-on-the-Move, Inc. a non-profit mentoring group for youth that is celebrating its 30th year.


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Happy Holiday Season


From Applied Scholastics Online Academy

What are the best toys to give little children?


What you want to look for are creative toys that assist co-ordination or make the business of living more interesting.  When you choose toys you may wish to incorporate this quote about play from educator, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard:



“All play, you understand, all play is mock performance of future emergencies and future works.  In other words, the purpose of play is to practice the individual in the handling of self so that in the future, when those things, skills and co-ordinations are needed, they will be present.

L. Ron Hubbard, The Educator’s Course



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Did you notice how excited first graders are to attend school? How they take great pride in their new notebooks? How they make certain that their pencils are sharpened to perfection? How particular they are about their back-packs, their clothes, and how anxious they are to arrive at school on time?

What happened to all that excitement? Why don’t they want to do any school-work now, or even go to school? Where did all that excitement go, and what immediate actions should you take to rekindle it?

Get your questions answered – contact the registrar today at (951) 789-0224 or email us at

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My time studying and learning with Applied Scholastics Online Academy has been totally profound! I have constantly been opened up to different study techniques, ways to improve my vocabulary, methods for tackling mathematics, secrets to becoming financially successful. Each subject has been so unique, but similar at the same time in the sense that they are all related to what it is that I am most passionate about.


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I like home study a lot! I have had a lot of success being home schooled.

One of my successes has been my dictionary course. I am able to use a dictionary. Also I can see and clear up a misunderstood word.

Another success I’ve had is my math. I am already on multiplication of fractions!

My last biggest success is my cursive. I can write a whole story in cursive without thinking about my writing.


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