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Applied Scholastics Online Academy is a non-profit, fully accredited home study program. We help parents work with their children. Registration includes: researching the legal homeschool requirements of the state or country, collecting records, former high school transcripts, issuing identification cards, assigning assessments and questionnaires and providing teacher training materials. Registration also includes evaluating student assessments, reviewing parent and student questionnaires, creating a high school transcript, writing a customized program that incorporates Study Technology1 and curriculum recommendations tailored to the student.

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  • After registering, students complete assessments online to help our staff determine what academic skills have been mastered and to identify any gaps.
  • A customized student program is prepared which includes information about the student’s personal interests and educational goals and, from the parent questionnaire, any personal or academic concerns.
  • This customized program matches the student’s interests and goals. Programs are written for approximately one year of schooling. An e-copy of the program is emailed to the parent; a hard copy is sent with student’s book order.
  • A yearly educational program is offered as part of monthly tuition. This is done upon program completion or one year after the program is issued, whichever comes first. All attendance, student progress and tuition must be current. Providing a new program requires reassessments and updated questionnaires which are also used to update the student’s transcripts. Annual ID cards may also be reissued upon request.
  • Materials are purchased separately. On average, families spend about $300 to $600 per program. Some materials may be shared among students of similar age or grade level. We publish as many electronic materials as possible to keep cost down but hard copy textbooks remain a component of our school curriculum.
  • Parents can choose either monthly or weekly service to see students through their program.

Option 1 – Monthly Oversight Service

On the monthly service the parent delivers daily lessons, records attendance, records progress and corrects student work. A monthly report is submitted by the parent to the online-educator who in turn files attendance and program progress for legal requirements; if the parent has questions or needs guidance or recommendations it is noted on the monthly report and the online educator then assists with remedies.

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How the service works:

  • On the monthly service the parent delivers one-on-one to the student. This is an excellent choice for parents who have time to work with their children 4 to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • During the month the parent targets students through materials and records school day progress.
  • At the end of each month, the parent logs into the online system and sends a report to the online-educator. Monthly reports minimally include attendance, student progress (including hours) and program completions. The parent may also include student accomplishments and successes, and may ask for help or answers to questions.
  • With the report in hand, the online-educator files attendance, acknowledges completions, answers questions, and gives guidance.

Note: The monthly service includes a probationary period for parent-teachers. During this time parents must be able to demonstrate their commitment to the home study program. This includes, but is not limited to, completing all assessments and questionnaires with their student within two weeks, completing the teacher training materials within a month of enrollment and ensuring attendances are kept up-to-date.

Option 2 – Weekly Targeting Service

Our weekly targeting service is for independent self-motivated high school students. At the beginning of each week our online-educator targets students and gives guidance as needed. This service is perfect for parents who want the advantages of a home study environment but only have time for minimal involvement.

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How the service works:

  • After registration, families are assigned an online-educator.
  • Students may email the online-educator directly on a daily basis (if needed) to get questions answered and receive guidance as needed.
  • The online-educator emails a list of weekly targets for the student to do.
  • Each school day the student completes assignments and records progress on the target sheet.
  • At the end of the week, the student e-mails his or her completed target sheet to the online-educator.
  • The online-educator acknowledges completed targets with suggestions, emails a new set of targets for the coming week and tracks program progress.

Note: The weekly service requires the additional step of a stringent 8-week probationary period for the student. During this time students must be able to demonstrate their commitment to the program. This includes, but is not limited to, answering all communications from their online-educator within 24 hours and turning in completed work each week by Friday at 3pm.

Registration and Tuition Fee Options

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Option 1
9th-12th Monthly Oversight Service
Option 2
9th-12th Weekly Targeting Service
Registration $600 $650
Additional Sibling $540 $585
Monthly Tuition
(starts 30 days after registration)
$145 $650
Additional Sibling $130 $585
IDs, Reassessments & Program Updates
Included Included
Materials Purchased Separately
once program is written
Purchased Separately
once program is written
1 Study Technology: The word study means the route to grasping new ideas and mastering abilities. The word technology means a scientifically based body of data that when applied precisely gets exact and predictable results. Study Technology was developed by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and his breakthrough discoveries show students how to learn.
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