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  • American Revolution


    Learn something of the story of the American Revolution War—how it brought independence from the Crown of England and has tremendous relevance to living in America today. textbook price without study guide

  • Civil War


    Learn something of the story of the Civil War

  • History Game - Name That President

    from $3.30

    ... informative and fun at the same time.

  • History Glossary

    from $3.30

  • Underground Railroad


    Learn the story of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War

  • US History and Geography


    Why do we need to know the events that shaped America culture and made it what it is today? Without knowing these basics we will be left in the dark when they are referred to in the media, film, written materials and general conversation. Dictionary of Cultural Literacy price without study guide

  • US Presidents


    The purpose of this study guide is for students of all ages to have fun becoming more familiar with United States presidents. workbooks price without study guide

  • World History lectures

    from $142.00

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