Bird Watchers

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Bird Watchers

2 book set - Study Guide and workbook with John James Audubon's original drawings.


Bird Watchers, 77 page Study guide, by Carlynn McCormick

Audubon Birds of America Coloring Book, 48 page workbook,

The Bird Watchers book includes over 40 beautiful color bird illustrations, a glossary of useful bird terms, information about birds that is infused with essays or activities, and the workbook, Audubon’s Birds of America, to make learning more interactive and fun.  This is the perfect set for anyone interested in knowing more about our planet’s magnificent winged creatures or who wishes to begin the adventure of bird watching. Students who do the book and final essay receive credit in beginning ornithology (the branch of zoology that studies birds).

Audubon’s Birds of America   Forty-five of Audubon’s noted illustrations rendered for coloring by Paul Kennedy: red-winged blackbird, painted bunting, wood duck, great blue heron, ruby-throated hummingbird, purple finch, blue jay, many more. Original plates reproduced in full color on covers. Common and scientific names and current range are included.


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77 page printed study guide and 48 page workbook.Click here to view a sample of this book
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