The best decision I could have made

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This year I decided to make a change for my daughter, transferring her from the public school that she had been attending and starting her with the Applied Scholastics Online Academy, an accredited online private school program.  I was sold on it because of the customized programming as well as the study guide for each course.  This is the best decision that I could have made!  Taking full responsibility for my daughter’s education, actually requires less effort than trying to handle the public education that she was getting.  She has already completed a number of courses and has had more wins in the last month than all of the wins combined up to that point!  She is voluntarily staying on task with no handling.  She is working late and finding ways to incorporate her education into her everyday life, on her own.  She feels like she is in control and more at cause.  Thanks so much to the academy staff for providing this service.  We look forward to the future and have plans to help others in our area as well.

 JR – Home School Parent - Michigan

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