Academic Excellence from a Home Study Program

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Dear Friends,

I want to commend Applied Scholastics Online Academy.

My daughter, who is an exceptionally gifted ballet dancer and fashion designer, after an entire year at a private school, had not even fully gotten through her qualifications program for ninth grade despite the fact she had already graduated ninth grade at another top private school. This caused dismay for us as parents as we know our daughter's potential.

We never expected we could get academic excellence out of a home study program. We were so wrong! Applied Scholastics Online Academy provided an exceptional academic program!

They fully re-tested our daughter in a matter of a few days and then created her entire program necessary to not only meet her full high school requirement for graduation but also the honor program necessary for her to obtain scholarships in college.

Our daughter completed her entire high school educational program in one year. That's right a four-year program in one year. She really applied and did it herself for the most part, with simple routine monitoring from her father and me; but all in all she did it all herself with straight A's!!!!

Our daughter is currently 17. She is starting her sophomore year of college next week with full scholarship. She will have her AA degree in fashion and marketing at the age of 18. She has been accepted at Woodbury University with scholarship (due to her high college grade point average) for her junior and senior year for her bachelor's degree. She will graduate with a full masters MBA at 21 years of age!

Talk about getting ahead! Had we not found Applied Scholastics Online Academy, she would be in 10th grade instead of her sophomore year in college right now! The benefits of this level of saving academic time is immeasurable for our daughter's career and our peace of mind in helping her pursue her life goals.

Applied Scholastics Online Academy has done an incredible job with our incredible daughter in a fraction of the time and cost of other schools.

Superb job one and all at Applied Scholastics Online Academy. I can't recommend the program enough for any concerned parent or child.

Sincere Regards
& Unending Thanks,

C.A. & M.A — Parents of Home Study Student

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